When do German Shepherds Calm Down?

When do German Shepherds Calm Down?

When do German Shepherds Calm Down? German Shepherds can start to calm down anywhere between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. There are many different factors to take into account. Their individual personality, and how much exercise and stimulation they get are just a few factors to take into account.

German Shepherds are brilliant dogs. Other than intelligence, they are also known for being hyperactive and can be quite a handful at times. They are also loving and make great companions. Sometimes you may feel that your shepherd is like the energizer bunny. They just keep going and going. 

German Shepherds are hyperactive because they are working dogs. Farmers had shepherds to herd and guard their sheep. These days you will find shepherds on police forces or bomb squads, to name a few. Their intelligence makes them perfect for assisting police forces or the military.  As they get older they will start to calm down naturally however, there are things you can do to help channel all that extra energy. Please read on for more.

Plenty of Exercises

Physical exercise is the best way to calm your German Shepherd down. Shepherds require plenty of activity in the form of walking and running. Physical activity is for their mental and physical well-being. 

Keeping them active will also eliminate some of their excess energy and calm them down some. It would be best if you tried to walk your shepherd for at least one to two hours a day and let them run outside as much as possible. 

Training is Vital

You should begin to train with basic commands when the dog is around three months old. Positive reinforcement is best for them. Since they are such smart animals, they will pick up commands quickly. When you give your shepherd commands, speak with authority. 

Try to avoid getting upset or yelling at your dog. It generally turns out to be counterproductive. Anger and aggression may make them anxious, which can lead to more hyperactivity. Early socialization with other dogs and training are vital for shepherds. Socialization with other dogs will not only ensure they are used to being around them, but playing also burns up a lot of energy. 

For more information on training your German Shepherd please see our Free German Shepherd Training Guide.

When do German Shepherds Calm Down?


There may be times you want to punish your German Shepherd because they won’t calm down or are destructive. Punishment doesn’t typically work. Most of the time, the shepherd won’t understand why they’re in trouble. It may also break the trust they have in you, and they may not come when commanded to do so because they’re scared of being punished again. 

Positive reinforcement is always the best avenue to take when training your German Shepherd. 

Mental Nourishment

German Shepherds love a good challenge, both physical and mental. Since they are so smart, they will get bored if they don’t have any mental nourishment. Activities that test the dogs mentally is just as important as physical activity. If they don’t have plenty of physical and mental stimulation, they will get bored and act out with destructive behavior or become overweight. 

Examples of ways to stimulate your German Shepherd mentally are below: 

  • Puzzle toys that will stimulate their mind
  • Hide your dog’s treats and let them sniff them out 
  • Play hide-n-seek with your shepherd 
  • Plenty of socializing with other dogs 

Plenty of Attention and Playtime

German Shepherds love playtime with their humans. You will probably find out that your shepherd requires a lot more attention than expected. They love their humans and want to spend as much time playing with them as possible. 

Play fetch or tug-of-war, whatever activity you enjoy doing with them. Playtime of any kind will stimulate your dog physically and mentally, which keeps shepherds happy and better behaved. Happy German Shepherds are well-behaved German Shepherds. 

Try to Resist Reacting to Your Shepherd’s Hyperactivity

German Shepherds are often hyperactive because they want attention. If you resist giving them any attention during those times, they will realize it isn’t working. That may stop them from bouncing off the walls to get you to play with them.  

You get up to use the restroom or a drink of water, and your shepherd is right there with you. The dogs cannot get enough of you because it is in their nature to be loyal and protective of their humans. 

When do German Shepherds calm down?

German Shepherds will calm down a bit as they get older. However, they are born to be physical, working dogs and will always require quite a bit of physical stimulation. Most of them never calm down as much as many other dog breeds. They will still need plenty of physical and mental activities to be happy and obedient. 

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