Are German Shepherds Good with Cat Featured

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats? Including Helpful Tips to get along

The saying goes “they fight like cat and dog”. Dogs love to chase and cats don’t tolerate unwanted attention. Introducing cats and dogs into the same house is not always easy. Most cats are nervous of other animals and many dog breeds have a high prey drive. German Shepherds were bred for protection and police […]

Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

Are German Shepherds Aggressive? – Including 6 Different Types Of Dog Aggression And Warning Signs

Are German Shepherds Aggressive? It’s shocking to see the amount of untrue accusations on the internet answering this question. A lot of websites deem the German Shepherd dog to be a truly aggressive breed and this simply isn’t true. True aggression in German Shepherds is very rare. All dogs are capable of displaying aggressive behaviors, […]

German Shepherd Jumping Why They Do it and How To Stop It

German Shepherd Jumping Up – Why They Do it and How To Stop It

We all know the story. A visitor comes to your home. Your puppy gets excited at the prospect of all the petting he is about to get. He loses all control and starts jumping at your guest in a desperate bid to get as close to them as possible. Everyone laughs and remarks how adorable […]

Do German Shepherds Dig

Do German Shepherds Dig? 7 Possible Causes and Solutions

German Shephards can be wonderful family dogs with the right training. But, they are also highly intelligent creatures with energy to burn. So it is understandable that so many prospective GSD owners ask the following: do German Shepherds dig? Do German Shepherds dig? In short, yes German Shepherds can dig and some dogs will do […]

How far can a German Shepherd run?

How far can a German Shepherd run?

German Shepherds are a breed of dogs that are well-known for their strong bodies and adaptability. Usually, they can run for several miles; however, this will highly depend upon several aspects, including training and health. This means that when a German Shepherds has good health and perfect training, it will be able to build up […]

Are German Shepherds Good With Babies?

Are German Shepherds Good With Babies? (Our First Hand Experience)

Congratulations! The fact you’ve found this article means you’re either expecting a human baby or looking to add a fur baby to your family. With two kids (Aged 3years and 4months) and two older German Shepherds (Aged 8 & 9) we are no strangers to the nerves, challenges, and ultimately amazing bond these super dogs […]

German Shepherd Dog – The Breed Guide

German Shepherd Dog – The Breed Guide

The German Shepherd Dog is America’s second most popular dog breed. A courageous, smart and loyal working breed with a devotion to their family that is rarely matched by any other breed in the dog world the German Shepherd is the Swiss Army Knife of dogs. A versatile breed that excels no matter what they […]

Best healthy treats for training a German Shepherd dog

Best healthy treats for training a German Shepherd dog

Best healthy treats for training a German Shepherd dog: Your German Shepherd like everyone will love treats. Treats are a great way to reward your dog for good behaviour and work well as a training aid. All treats should be given in moderation. It’s healthy to vary your rewards between treats and affection however with […]

How high can a German Shepherd Jump

How High Can German Shepherds Jump? Why Do They Jump Fences And How Can We Stop It

There is nothing better than watching your German Shepherd leap through a field full of crops. Seeing that super excited face bounding around is one of the best sights you can share with your German Shepherd but reverse that scenario to your yard and the sight of your German Shepherd jumping at the fence call […]