What is a German Shepherd’s Weight At x Months – A Month-by-Month Guide Through Their First 12 Months

It is important to understand your German Shepherd’s growth patterns in order to ensure that they are healthy. This article will explore the average weight for a German Shepherd puppy at different ages in months, from birth up until adulthood. By understanding these figures, owners can have an idea as to whether their pup’s weight falls within normal ranges or if there may be cause for concern. The first year will see your puppy grow at an incredible rate going from birth to 96% of their final body weight.

German Shepherd Weight At Birth

At birth, a German shepherd puppy typically will weigh between 8-14 ounces (0.2-04 kg) depending on litter size and gender. As puppies age they gain more weight quickly – by two weeks old a GSD pup should weigh around 1-2 pounds

German Shepherd Weight At 1 Month

At one-month-old your German Shepherd is growing fast, an average male German Shepherd pup should be around 5-7 pounds (2.2-3.2 kg) while female puppies are usually lighter at 4-6 pounds (1.8-2.7 kg).

German Shepherd Weight At 2 Months

At 2-months-old a male German shepherd should weigh about 14-20 pounds (6.3-9 kg). A Female German Shepherd will be lighter than their male counterparts, weighing in around 11-17 pounds (5-7.7 kg)

German Shepherd Weight At 3 Months

At 3-months-old a male German shepherd should weigh around 22-30 pounds (9.9-13.6 kg). A Female German Shepherd will continue to be lighter, weighing in around 17-26 pounds (7.7-11.8 kg)

German Shepherd Weight At 4 Months

At 4-months-old your German Shepherd will be adding around 1 pound per week. A male German Shepherd will weight approximately 35-40 pounds and a female around 31-35 pounds

German Shepherd Weight at 5 Months

At 5-months-old your German Shepherd is still putting on weight at a fast pace. With a typical 5 month old Male weighing approx 40-49 pounds and a typical female weighing 35-44 pounds

German Shepherd Weight at 6 Months

Happy Half Year Birthday!! Your 6-month-old pup will now be around 70% of it’s fully grown size with the males tipping the scales at 49-57 pounds and females 44-49 pounds.

German Shepherd Weight at 7 Months

The growth rate of your Shepherd pup is starting to slow now. At 7-months-old your German Shepherd weights approx 57-62 pounds if it’s a male and around 49-53 pounds as a female.

German Shepherd Weight At 8 Months

At 8 months your German Shepherd is now only around 15% away from his/her final weight. The average male will weigh between 62-66 pounds and the average female around 53-57 pounds.

German Shepherd Weight At 9 Months

Your beautiful pup is 9 months old and is only around 10% off being fully grown now with the male being between 64-71 pounds and the female 55-60 pounds.

German Shepherd Weight At 10 Months

The growth rate has slowed considerably now and your German Shepherd puppy is almost fully grown. Your male will weigh approx 66-73 pounds and your female approx 57-62 pounds.

German Shepherd Weight At 11 Months

Almost a year old now and approximately 95% of the way to full size. With the male weighing approx 71-75 pounds and the female 60-64.

German Shepherd Weight At 12 Months

Congratulations! Your not-so-little pup is now 12 months old and you’ve made it to the end of this guide. At 12 Months your puppy is around 96% of their total body weight. Your male will be approximately 72-79 pounds and your female around 61-65 pounds.

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