Why do German Shepherds Tilt Their Heads?

Why do German Shepherds Tilt Their Heads?

Why do German Shepherds tilt their heads? German Shepherds are great dogs that have their own unique and adorable gestures. There are quite a few different gestures, but a popular one is tilting their heads when you speak.

Many shepherd owners have often wondered if there was a reason behind their dog’s head tilt. The most common theory is that the dog is probably trying to understand their human better. A better understanding is more than likely a reason for it, but they may be doing several things to accomplish that.

Three Possible Reasons

The three possible reasons your German shepherd may be tilting his head are below:

  • They may be trying to hear you more clearly
  • They may want to communicate with you, or they are seeking your approval
  • They may be attempting to see you better so they can read your facial expressions

Locate and Analyze the Sound

German Shepherds are known for having excellent hearing abilities. Research has shown that their hearing is better than most other dog breeds because they can hear a broader range of frequencies. They also have the ability to listen to things that are much too far away for humans to hear.

Their ability to pick up on different frequencies and tones helps them understand your moods, like happiness, anger, or sadness. The shepherd may also be adjusting the position of his ears to analyze your tone from different angles. Their pointy ears make it possible for them to pick up on more sounds from far away”.

According to Science Line: “German Shepherd’s upright curved ears help’s it to maximize sound”

They may even tilt their heads to concentrate on a specific sound and find out from which direction the sound is coming.

Why do German Shepherds Tilt Their Heads?

Communication or Asking for Affection

Your dog may be in the habit of tilting their head if they’ve always received your affection after doing it. A head tilt is an adorable gesture, so it’s difficult not to make a fuss when German Shepherds do it. They may also be trying to communicate to you that they understand what you’re saying.

Better View of Your Face

German Shepherds may also tilt their head when you speak to them so they can see your face more clearly as you talk. Many German Shepherds have long snouts, making it more difficult for them to see things from certain angles. Tilting their head may help them see your face and read your emotions and expression better.

German Shepherds aren’t the only dogs that tilt their heads when you speak to them, but it is much more familiar with dogs with long snouts.

Health Check

If your German shepherd has just recently started tilting its head or is doing it more often than usual, he may need a check-up. A few possibilities are related to the dog’s health, like hearing loss or an inner ear infection. If it’s a new habit, it would probably be best to take them in for a checkup at the veterinarian. They will run tests on his ears and rule out any possible problems.

In Closing

German shepherds are lovable, adorable, and brilliant dogs. They have a remarkable ability to pick up on their human’s emotions through sound and vision and tilting their head may help with both. Whatever the actual reason for it is, the head tilt is one of the most adorable things on the planet. Shepherds are smart dogs who have a remarkable ability to understand and communicate with their humans.

German Shepherds are fantastic dogs and will be your most loyal companion. Their famous head tilt is just another reason on a long list of reasons to love them.

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