how to puppy proof your home- making a safe place for your German Shepherd puppy

How to puppy proof your home- making a safe place for your German Shepherd puppy

Welcome to our guide on how to puppy proof your home- making a safe place for your German Shepherd puppy

how to puppy proof your home- making a safe place for your German Shepherd puppy

Before bringing your German Shepherd puppy home you need to make sure your house and garden is fully puppy proof. To do this you may need to get on your hands and knees and take a detailed look around. Pretend your new puppy is a toddler; are there any obvious or hidden dangers?
  • Chewing: Your new German Shepherd puppy, like any puppy will love to chew, especially if they are teething. You little fluff bundle will easily be able to destroy remote controls, shoes, sunglasses, spectacles along with many other items left lying around the home. Not only will this be an inconvenience and costly to replace, puppies can easily choke on these items. Especially if they are left unsupervised.
  • Electrical wires: Live electrical wires can pose a hazard for your German Shepherd puppy. Wherever possible wires should be hidden under carpets or to stop your pup from biting through wires use cable protectors. If you’re not using an electrical appliance, make sure it is switched off at the wall.
  • Toilet lid: The toilet lid should be kept closed when not in use. Even if your German Shepherd puppy cannot quite reach the toilet when they first come home, they will quickly grow. Puppies will use a toilet as a drinking bowl. If any chemicals have been used to clean it this can cause a potential health risk.
  • Burning candles: scented candles can make your home smell amazing but can pose a risk with young puppies around. Make sure any candles are kept up high out of the reach of your German Shepherd puppy.
  • Open fire: If you have an open fire its important you use a fire guard. Ideally one you can secure to the wall. This will help to keep your inquisitive puppy safe from harm.
  • Kitchen cupboards: The kitchen cupboards at ground level must be kept closed when not in use. Your curious German Shepherd puppy will be into everything they are able to get into including the cupboards. It’s especially important you keep household cleaners and disinfectants up high or in a lockable cupboard.
  • Bins: It’s well known dogs love a bin. Curious or bored puppies will go all out to break into the bin. Once in they will eat a lot of the contents. With what is left over they will spread it out all over the floor.
  • Small pets: Don’t leave your German Shepherd alone with small pets unless you are completely confident, they won’t harm them. This includes fish if you have a fish tank make sure your pup can’t reach them.
The Garden: As well as your home you need to ensure, you’re your garden is puppy proof. This can include:
  • Boundaries: Is your property securely enclosed. You will need to make sure your German Shepherd puppy cannot get through and gaps in the fence or under the garden gate. Chicken wire is a good way to temporarily block your puppy’s escape routes until they are bigger. Where possible bury the wire slightly in the soil to prevent your pup from escaping underneath.
  • Sheds and greenhouses: Any sheds and greenhouses will need to be properly secured. Especially is you store any chemicals or pesticides in them which could prove fatal for your puppy is consumed.
  • Pond: If you have a pond in your yard it’s advisable to put a strong wire mesh over it. At least until your pup is strong enough to swim.
  • Garage: If you have a garage this will also need to be puppy proofed. Garages potential hold a lot of harmful chemicals for dogs. One in particular which is highly toxic for dogs being antifreeze.

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