We asked German Shepherd Owners Two Questions on Facebook

We asked German Shepherd Owners Two Questions on Facebook – These are the results

German Shepherds have always been a part of our life and we know the joy and love our Shepherds have bought to our family. That passion for the breed led us to create this site and also contribute to an incredibly large German Shepherd Group on Facebook.

If you are considering adding a German Shepherd to you family you will no doubt have conducted a huge amount of research online to see if the breed is correct for you and your family. 

We asked two questions to current GSD ownerd to see what their responses would be

Q1 – What’s one thing you knew before owning your first German Shepherd?

Q2 – What’s the best thing about owning a German Shepherd?

Let’s dive in and look at the responses

Q1 - I wish I had know about the shedding

Q2 - The friendship and protection

Jan J

Q1 - I wish I had been prepared for the destruction they can make

Q2 - The love that they can bring to the family

Tariq J

Q1 - How much work they are and how you have to step up every day,

Q2 - That all of a sudden at around 2 all the work you put in suddenly as if by magic your GSD is the most amazing, loyal sweet dog you know.....then you decide to get her a buddy see answer 1

Angelika Z

Q1 - I wish I was a little more prepared for the maintenance of keeping them as healthy as possible (even though I know all dogs are different), from the supplements to special food, fancy shampoo, etc, just giving them the best of the best because our diva needs it! 

Q2 - They are the most loyal, purest creatures and thrive to please us every single day and im not sure what I did to deserve our girl, but I will spend every day for the rest of her life showing her how grateful I am

Kali D

Q1 - All the shedding

Q2 - She is protective, smart, and brings a lot of love to our family.

Heather K

Q1 - Wish I had known how addictive they are.

Q2 - With 17 shepherds and all the love they share how can I talk the hubby into another

Jessica V

Q1 - I wish we had known how many people would have comments or questions haha. I feel like we need business cards with her age and the response “yes we know she’ll be huge”.

Q2 - She is getting us moving more as a family, she can’t just sit like our senior citizen pup so we’re outside more, walking more, fetching more, and have become very creative with toys and puzzles.

Brittany S

Q1 - The amount of puppy biting and how important it is to get them to understand play soft vs tough! For sure I didn’t know my girl was an official land shark in the making used to it now though

Q2 - They are so smart!! This is my first GS and puppy and she picks things up so fast. They also have such an awesome personality and it’s fun to see my girl grow into hers

Natalie L

Q1 - When you choose to love a GSD, you're choosing a lifestyle.

Q2 - A GSD's loyalty and love is absolute.

Stacy G

Q1 - If you haven't owned one before you will need to put a lot of money into having a trainer guide you.

Q2 - They are so loyal. My GSD always knows when something is wrong and she never leaves my side. She is always making sure I'm okay.

Shelby S

Q1 - Wish I knew exactly how much exercise they require.

Q2 - The best thing about owning one is their love, loyalty, and devotion!

Kathleen C

Q1 - I wish I knew how much they shed. Obviously dogs shed, but I did not realize how much my GSD would shed.

Q2 - The best thing about my GSD is his loyalty to both me and my boyfriend. That’s my favorite thing about him.

Michelle A

Q1 - I wish I knew how dramatic they are. My girl screams and throws a fit everytime she doesn't get her way.

Q2 - The best thing is how loyal and kind they are. She has been the best dog and her and my daughter are the very best of friends. The only dog that could possibly top her is my last shep x and she was my heart dog

Amber R

Q1 - Wish I’d known that they back talk to you, and sigh when you move around too much.

Q2 - Best thing is snuggling up with my girl. And, her upside down smiles.

Kristine B

Q1 - The risk of bloat. We have never had a problem with it however remain cautious with running after a meal and such. Its something I think about.

Q2 - The best thing: is having a furry best friend who becomes a huge part of the family. They win you over, can’t wait to please you, love you unconditionally, are always happy to see you and become your loyal partner for the rest of their life. Which in my mind, is much too short. But how lucky are we to be chosen to have one of these beautiful gifts to be part of our lives? That’s the best part.

Kathy O

Q1 - My GSD was a rescue. I never had him as a puppy. So as he is an adult nothing surprised me. Apart from the car being his safe place.

Q2 - His personality even after being abused.

Emma B

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