Elevated Bowls - Why they are bad for healthy German Shepherds (And when they might not be)

Elevated Bowls – Why they are bad for healthy German Shepherds (And when they might not be)

Elevated Bowls - Why they are bad for healthy German Shepherds (And when they might not be)

Are elevated bowls bad for a healthy German shepherd? Well, yes, because they increase the chances of bloating. According to several researchers, your German Shepherd will experience frequent bloating when you use an elevated feeder. However, you will need a raised dog bowl if your German Shepherd is aged or suffering from certain medical conditions.

Why are elevated bowls bad for healthy German Shepherds?

German Shepherds and indeed all dogs are “designed” to eat their food off the floor, their head bowed while they scoff whatever they’ve discovered on the floor is how nature intended your German Shepherd to chew and swallow. A raised feeder can cause your Dog to swallow in an unnatural way causing the GSD to inhale a lot of air as they swallow. A raised feeder is a common cause of Bloat a medical condition that German Shepherds are already particularly susceptible to getting.

When should I use an elevated bowl?

When you take your German Shepherd to the veterinarian they may recommend the use of an elevated feeder. A medical condition like neck ache will need the use of these elevated dog bowls. A dog that encounters problems when swallowing food will also need these bowls. In the above situations, your German Shepherd will find it easier to consume meals.

Aged German Shepherds may also need a raised dog bowel to ensure that they eat while on a raised posture. Doing this will help reduce strain on the shoulders, neck, hips, and joints. This is also true for dogs that suffer from arthritis. Reducing pressure on the shoulders, neck, hips, and joints is essential, especially when your German Shepherd experienced a lot of pain due to old age or arthritis.

German Shepherds with megaesophagus disorder will also need an elevated feeder. Megaesophagus disorder is a condition whereby your dog has weakened esophageal muscles. During digestion, these muscles are critical in pushing food down your dog’s belly. The raised dog bowls make it easier for food to run straight from your dog’s mouth to the stomach due to the raised posture.

My German Shepherd has been recommended to use an elevated bowl, what should I consider?

Height of the bowl

You need to ensure that you get an elevated bowl that is just the right height for your German Shepherd. It should not be too low or high. You don’t want to strain your dog’s shoulders, neck, or back. How do you pick the correct elevated bowl height for your German Shepherd?

Start by measuring the distance from your dog’s shoulder to the floor. Once you have these results, subtract it by six inches. Doing this should ensure that you get the perfect raised dog bowl height for your German Shepherd.

When buying raised dog bowls, you will come across several models that let you pick the height that you need. These customized elevated feeders are a great choice since you get the exact measurements that you need.

Construction Material

The popular construction materials for raised dog bowls include plastic, ceramic, and steel. Plastic is a good choice, but it can be challenging to clean. Ceramic will break easily when compared to steel and plastic, although it is easy to clean.

Elevated bowls made from stainless steel are the ideal choice, although they are rather expensive. With steel construction, you don’t have to worry about breakages, and cleanup is rather simple. Steel is also durable, thus ensuring you get long-lasting service from your purchase.

Do not go for the cheap models when buying an elevated feeder for your German Shepherd. These models are prone to breakages, and you won’t get prolonged use. You will end up spending a fortune in the long run.

Adjustable height

It is also a great idea to look for certain features when buying any piece of equipment. One feature that you need to consider when purchasing a raised dog bowl is an adjustable height control. In most cases, your German Shepherd is still growing. You will, therefore, need to adjust the bowl height to ensure that you don’t strain your dog’s shoulder, neck, or back.

An elevated bowl for your German Shepherd should only be prescribed by your vet. You have to consult your vet even though the elevated feeder might seem like a solution to some of your problems. Remember that getting a raised dog bowl should benefit your dog and not you the owner. Once your veterinarian approves, then ensure that you find a good-quality model that suits your German Shepherd. Look through customer reviews to help your find the perfect model.

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